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Dr. JR Chidley has won me over with his honesty in coming up with my plan of care.

I had been going to my former dentist practice in Huntington Beach for 30 years and loyally stuck with all 3 owners… (Dentist #1 retired, Dentist #2 passed away and Dentist #3 is in her 40’s and going strong). As a cash paying patient with a I’ll-do-anything-you-say attitude, I was treated like a Queen there. For years I thought my teeth were terrible because I always needed more and more work: replace all my silver fillings with white ones, replacing my $500 mouth guard, yearly x-rays, cleanings every 4 months, root canal, crown, zoom whitening… Sure I grumbled about the cost but I did whatever she (my former Dentist) recommended. I didn’t have anyone else to compare to so I wasn’t sure if I was a total sucker or if I was being responsible.

My husband met JR on a volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic where JR was volunteering his dentistry services. My husband thought he was a very good person and he convinced me to give him a try as my dentist. I was very hesitant at first because even though my other dentist was frequently upselling me, I was comfortable there and I actually enjoyed going there to talk with the hygienist.

Well now that I’ve been going to Dr. JR Chidley and I’ve gotten to know his philosophy on dentistry and his business practice, I can confidently say I’ve found my new dentist for life. ¬†What I like most about him is that (1) he’s honest and (2) he tries to save your own teeth by doing what you need – nothing more and nothing less (vs my other dentist who was more aggressive and recommend unnecessary procedures). It is a very cozy office and a welcoming family practice: Dad (Dentist), Mom (Assistant and admin), and Son (Dentist- JR). I like the family business aspect and it’s obvious that they all get along well and love each other.

I really recommend Chidley Dentistry. Hey, I drive all the way from Cerritos to Riverside twice a year. That’s saying something there.