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Here is a sample of some of the testimonials provided by our patients.


I won’t go to anyone else

I have gone to many dentists in my life, and Dr. Craig and Dr. JR are the best. I won’t go to anyone else. If you need an implant (or anything for that matter), JR is great. I had poor dental care earlier in my life, and they have done wonders to undo that. 5 stars out of 5 stars.

Greatest dentist in Riverside

Dr. JR Chidley is the greatest dentist you can go to in Riverside. My family has gone to him for years and they give you so much personal attention. Dr. JR genuinely cares about making sure all your concerns are addressed and that you are relaxed and comfortable. By far the best when it comes to skill and professionalism!

Best in dental care

I went for many year neglecting my teeth and skipping regular dental visits due to bad experiences that I had had with dental professionals in my youth.  Thanks to the extreme amount of patience, understanding and care that has been given to me by Craig, JR and Brenda Chidley over the past (4) years, I am back on track.  Craig and JR take the time go through x-rays during check-ups, they answer every single question that I ask, and they always leave the options up to me. Their office is professional and very comfortable, and I always feel like I am being welcomed by really good friends whenever I walk in the door.  I would highly recommend Chidley Dentistry to anyone looking for the best in dental care.

Wonderful staff

What a wonderful staff!!! The Chidley’s are a wonderful family who take pride in what they do, clean teeth :) they care for their patients as if they were family. I have had the privilege of being their patient for over 10 years, and no other dentist/staff can compare. They are honest, friendly, and genuine.

Won me over with honesty

Dr. JR Chidley has won me over with his honesty in coming up with my plan of care.

I had been going to my former dentist practice in Huntington Beach for 30 years and loyally stuck with all 3 owners… (Dentist #1 retired, Dentist #2 passed away and Dentist #3 is in her 40’s and going strong). As a cash paying patient with a I’ll-do-anything-you-say attitude, I was treated like a Queen there. For years I thought my teeth were terrible because I always needed more and more work: replace all my silver fillings with white ones, replacing my $500 mouth guard, yearly x-rays, cleanings every 4 months, root canal, crown, zoom whitening… Sure I grumbled about the cost but I did whatever she (my former Dentist) recommended. I didn’t have anyone else to compare to so I wasn’t sure if I was a total sucker or if I was being responsible.

My husband met JR on a volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic where JR was volunteering his dentistry services. My husband thought he was a very good person and he convinced me to give him a try as my dentist. I was very hesitant at first because even though my other dentist was frequently upselling me, I was comfortable there and I actually enjoyed going there to talk with the hygienist.

Well now that I’ve been going to Dr. JR Chidley and I’ve gotten to know his philosophy on dentistry and his business practice, I can confidently say I’ve found my new dentist for life.  What I like most about him is that (1) he’s honest and (2) he tries to save your own teeth by doing what you need – nothing more and nothing less (vs my other dentist who was more aggressive and recommend unnecessary procedures). It is a very cozy office and a welcoming family practice: Dad (Dentist), Mom (Assistant and admin), and Son (Dentist- JR). I like the family business aspect and it’s obvious that they all get along well and love each other.

I really recommend Chidley Dentistry. Hey, I drive all the way from Cerritos to Riverside twice a year. That’s saying something there.

Overall great experience

First time here. My wife had been before. Just a great, easy experience. They were ready when I got there, no waiting around in the waiting room, no trying to sell services you don’t need, just an overall great experience.


I always leave feeling well cared for!

Both Dr. Chidley’s are great! This father-son team always treats us like family. They are very accommodating when trying to book appointments, and have even come in special on weekends when we’ve had a dental emergency! I always leave feeling well cared for!

Great experience

I went to Chidley Dentistry for a second opinion on some work another dentist had recommended I needed done. I saw Dr. JR and he was very patient and explained everything that I needed done. After going over what I needed done with Dr. JR he told me that I do not need more than half of what the other dentist recommend. Dr. JR saved me over $1,000 dollars worth of unneeded work. He seems to really care about his patients and made the whole process a great experience I. I will continue going to Dr. JR and recommend him to my family and friends.

5 stars

I am extremely happy with Dr. J.R Chidley and his staff. He is very professional, has a sense of humor and friendly. I am always nervous when I go to the dentist, but Dr. Chidley made me very comfortable and explained about my dental situation very thoroughly. He is very fair and honest in estimating the cost of dental work needed and he does not take advantage of his patients and does not recommend any extra and unnecessary work. By the way I did not know that he is a professional tennis player! Ask him about tennis while he is working on your teeth and he has a lot of good stories to tell you and keep your mind away from all your worries. I give him 5 stars with no doubt.

Couldn’t be happier

I can’t be happier with this dental practice. I have had multiple cleanings here and they have always worked with my work schedule. I also have had a fairly invasive bone graft procedure here that went flawlessly and prepared me for a successful implant procedure. On top of that the bone graft and implant procedure were much more affordable than the other places I looked at. All around I have really enjoyed my experiences at Chidley Dentistry. Dr JR has taken the time to really talk with me about my dental health and has given me useful suggestions. I have been to multiple dentists in the area who have never offered much in the way of advice.

Highly recommended

Highly recommended this dental office! Both Dr. Chidley and his son Dr. JR Chidley are very honest and down to earth people. They are willing to sit down and have one on one time talking and explaining your dental needs. I’ve never been to another dental office where the doctor himself does my cleanings and goes through the entire consultation of my teeth, including prices and answering any questions I have. The staff is always friendly and inviting. I have nothing negative to say about this dental practice.

Friendly and honest

If anyone was to ask me who I recommend as a dentist, this is the place to go! I have not had a single problem with this office for the past few years that I have been going here. The staff is very friendly and their work is the most honest I have seen. You can really tell that the staff has the patient’s best interests at heart and are there to help you. I would never think of switching to another office.

This should be your dentist!

This dentist is the real deal. I don’t know how else to say it… give them a try–they will be your dentist for life!

I have had the pleasure of being a patient with Dr. Craig Chidley when he opened his Riverside practice in the early 2000’s. Years later, when Dr. JR Chidley joined the practice, I switched over to him. However, they are more like a team than anything else. Not only are they fabulous dentists, but they are wonderful people as well. I feel so comfortable and welcome every time I visit the office.

They are extremely honest… they will never recommend a procedure you don’t absolutely need. Personally, I value that conservative approach to dentistry. Since I live in a different city now, there was a time I had to be seen by a different dentist. Never. Again. This other dentist wanted to drill 6 different teeth. I made the trip to Riverside as soon as I could after that, and Dr. Chidley informed me that none of my teeth were in need of fillings. That’s honesty and professionalism.