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This dentist is the real deal. I don’t know how else to say it… give them a try–they will be your dentist for life!

I have had the pleasure of being a patient with Dr. Craig Chidley when he opened his Riverside practice in the early 2000’s. Years later, when Dr. JR Chidley joined the practice, I switched over to him. However, they are more like a team than anything else. Not only are they fabulous dentists, but they are wonderful people as well. I feel so comfortable and welcome every time I visit the office.

They are extremely honest… they will never recommend a procedure you don’t absolutely need. Personally, I value that conservative approach to dentistry. Since I live in a different city now, there was a time I had to be seen by a different dentist. Never. Again. This other dentist wanted to drill 6 different teeth. I made the trip to Riverside as soon as I could after that, and Dr. Chidley informed me that none of my teeth were in need of fillings. That’s honesty and professionalism.